BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — A man is facing new charges after he was allegedly found with drugs inside of his body after a transport to Southern Regional Jail.

According to a criminal complaint, on Thursday, January 26, at 12:36 PM, State Police were notified of a man who brought drugs in Southern Regional Jail in Beaver.

Once at the jail Trooper Browning and Cpl. C.A. Dunn were able to speak with a Correctional Officer (C.O.) within the jail facility. The C.O. told Trooper Browning that a Mercer County Sheriff’s deputy dropped John O. Sparks off after he was booked for a separate domestic charge.

After Sparks was taken to the x-ray machine to be photographed during processing, the x-ray pictures reportedly showed a foreign object was in his body.

According to the C.O., Sparks reportedly went into a nearby bathroom where he allegedly removed a metal cannister filled with a crystal-like substance. Sparks received a second x-ray after the cannister was removed that showed a second object in his body.

Sparks again went into a nearby bathroom and reportedly removed a second package, this time filled a white and brown powdered substance.

Both the x-ray pictures showing the objects in Sparks’ body and the objects themselves were given to Trooper Browning for further investigation. Trooper Browning was able to identify the substances were consistent with Meth and Heroin.

John O. Sparks was placed under arrest for two counts of Contraband in a Correctional Facility. He was successfully processed into SRJ without further incident.