DANIELS, WV (WVNS)– Members of the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department spent all day Saturday, January 30, 2021, in the icy pond at the Resort of Glade Springs for their ice water training. 

They learned about ice rescues for about a year. Jason Redden is the Chief of the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department. He said this winter they were able to get out and actually get onto the ice. 

“It’s been cold enough, and it’s been long since we had ice, and we are doing this practices so we can get members certified and ice rescued,” Redden said.

Redden said it is important for firefighters to be certified because there are a lot of roads in Southern West Virginia that are next to a pond. 

“The roads are slick so if someone is driving by a body of water much like this one right here, this is unprotected there is no guard rails. So if someone were to slide and get into the water and be trapped in the water, someone will have to go get them,” Redden said.

He also said when people get into frigid waters, they start to lose orientation and their five motor skills. Redden gave some tips on what you can do if you plan on being on the ice. 

“If you are going to be operating on the ice, like ice shipping or something, make sure you know the depth of the ice, check it and make sure you have 2-3 inches of ice to actually hold a person,” Redden continued.

Redden also said to keep an eye out for your surroundings to make sure the ice does not start cracking underneath you.