PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) – The Mercer County Sheriff’s Department and Princeton Police Department teamed up for their annual Shop With a Cop donation.

Deputies and officers helped to pick out items at WalMart so kids in Mercer County would celebrate a special Christmas this year. They were joined by members of Starting Points, a program run by Child Protect in Mercer County, to make sure kids in that program, and others at local schools, will have something waiting for them under the tree.

“The holidays can be stressful on the parents and the families,” said Starting Points representative Stephanie Lacy. “So, it’s nice to be able to get those children some gifts that they might not have been able to get otherwise.”

Deputies and officers had no problem picking out trucks, action figures, board games and more, but when it came to teenage girls who wanted makeup, hair care products or clothes, some needed a little help.

“As far as picking out the clothing, you want to make sure you pick out clothing that they may like,” explained Sgt. Matthew Horn of the Mercer County Sheriff’s Department. “So it’s a little bit more stress on that.”

In total, the officers, deputies and Starting Points representatives crossed off the Christmas lists of 43 children in Mercer County. Sergeant Evan Nunn said he hopes kids will see that police officers are capable of spreading some holiday cheer too.

“It feels really great,” explained Sgt. Nunn. “All year long, you know, we get to deal with families and children in the worst aspects of their life or their day. And so the fact that at the end of the year we can try to turn that around the best we can and give these kids a positive look on law enforcement, and just a positive outlook on life, it feels really good.”