Justin Hackler

TAZEWELL, VA (WVNS)– A mother and son are charged with the murder of David Allen Hayes. The Tazewell County Commonwealth’s Attorney made the announcement on Monday, Sept. 14, 2020.

According to the release, Justin Michael Hackler, 25, and Leslie Raquel Hackler, 48, were indicted by the grand jury in Bland County Circuit Court on Monday. The murder happened between June 25 and June 28, 2020. The investigation started in Tazewell County, but after further investigation, it was found that the murder happened across county lines in Bland County.

Leslie Hackler

The release states, Mr. Hayes’ body was recovered on July 10, 2020 by law enforcement. Investigators said Leslie was Mr. Hayes’ girlfriend at the time. Leslie was indicted on two charges, including conspiracy to conceal a dead body and concealment of a dead body. Justin was indicted on four charges, including second degree murder, use of a firearm in the commission of a felony, conspiracy to conceal a dead body, and concealment of a dead body.

Justin is currently in the Abingdon Regional Jail. Leslie is at the Tazewell Regional Jail. Both are being held without bond.