BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — December 1st marks National Christmas Lights day. This is typically the time people begin to drag out the boxes from the basement, untangle light strands, and decorate for the holidays.

It is also the time of year holiday décor accidents begin to rise. According to US Consumer Product Safety Commission for 2019, 14,800 people were treated for decorating related injuries. In the same year $59 million in property loss along with 30 deaths and 180 injuries occurred due to holiday lights and candles.
Bluefield, WV Fire Department Captain Adrian Conner, wants people to be aware of simple safety measures for holiday decorating to keep everyone safe this holiday season.

Also, remember to inspect all outdoor wires, light strings, and extension cords. Damaged or cracked wire coatings can cause fires and electrical shock hazards. Following guidelines from light string manufactures on how many to have on a single line can reduce risk of fire. Conner says when in doubt, throw it out.

When it comes to indoor Christmas tree light, making sure wires are in good working conditions will save your home from fire as well. Keeping live trees watered will help if a fire starts in your tree as a well watered tree burns slower than a dry one. It’s also a good idea to makes sure lights and candles are out before going to bed or leaving the home.

Conner says if an electrical issue does arise, turning off the main breaker in your home cuts power to the entire home. With any fire emergency, simply get out of the home and call 911.