PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — 14-year-old Kierra Jackson of Princeton was reported missing on December 3rd, 2022.

Her body was then found on December 8th.

While the investigation into her death is still ongoing, 59News spoke with several of her neighbors about what they heard and saw at the house where Kierra lived with her mom, two siblings and her mother’s boyfriend.

Mike Johnson lived across the street. He said the family pretty much kept to themselves.

“So we didn’t really see her no more,” said Johnson. “We would see her go down to the bus stop and go to the store, stuff like that, but she never came over here and played. She never yelled across the street ‘Hey, how are y’all doing?’ Anything like that.”

But he said that was not always the case.

He told us Kierra used to spend time playing with his kids, but then she stopped coming over.

Johnson said the police were called out to the house at least once or twice a month.

“And whether it was for him or for whatever, they had been over there so they should have known something, they should have saw something,” said Johnson. “Like, I just don’t get how it went in the wayside and it led to this. It’s crazy.”

As the investigation moves forward, neighbors and community members wonder how this whole situation will affect Kierra’s two younger siblings.

“They’re beautiful, they’re beautiful,” said Shawna Robinette, a friend of Kierra’s. “These are beautiful God’s creations. And they deserve life. Will they be able to trust anybody again after this? I’m not sure. I just, I hope they have life. Life, they’re free. Keep them that way, please fight to keep them that way.”