BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Back on March 6th, Governor Justice signed House Bill 2310, which will require vehicles in West Virginia to get an official state inspection every two years, instead of one.

The bill covers every motor vehicle, trailer, semi-trailer, pole trailer and recreational vehicle registered in the state.

Additionally, the cost of each inspection will increase from $14 to $19 to account for inflation.

The manager of C Adam Toney Tires in Beckley, Brandon Sexton, said the change could have a negative impact on some people.

“Our main concern is the elderly people and just a lot of people in general,” said Sexton. “They rely on that yearly inspection to keep up with their maintenance on their vehicles. So when you do it once a year, you might find brake pads that are wore down but the next year, they don’t know about it.”

One driver said the mileage people get from the bill will vary.

“Well it could be like a double edged sword,” said Tom Acosta, a local painter. “I think that some people don’t drive a lot and they don’t need their car inspected every year. But on the other hand, people like myself who drive 30,000 miles a year, stuff goes wrong with your car.”

Sexton said its best to get your car looked at more often than the bill requires.

“I would recommend your brakes, suspension parts checked every year, if you can do it every time you get your oil changed. Okay. Get your tires rotated, just mention to us or who else that you need your vehicle checked out.”

The bill will not take effect until January 1st, 2024.