No FDA approval means no vaccine for some

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PRINCETON, WV (WVNS) — Millions of Americans all across the country are refusing the COVID-19 vaccine because it is not yet FDA approved. That is no different here in the Mountain State.

A quick Google search will show you everything the FDA has approved. That same search will show you everything not approved by the FDA; things we use everyday, like sunscreen and cigarettes. So why all the hesitancy for a vaccine not yet approved by the FDA? Roger Topping, the Mercer County Health Administrator, said it is not hesitancy, it is just an excuse.

“To use that an excuse, it just doesn’t hold water. I would think many of the people that are using that as an excuse probably have one or two or three or four things in their house that are not FDA approved and yet they use them everyday,” said Topping.

The Food and Drug Administration is responsible for protecting public health. ‘FDA approved’ means the agency determined the benefits of the product outweigh the known risks for its intended use. The FDA approves things like new drugs, drugs for animals, and food additives. What the agency does not approve are things like compounded drugs, dietary supplements, and cosmetics. This is where the double standard comes in according Topping.

“All the supplements that you take, so many of them are not FDA approved but we take them anyway for a variety of different things,” said Topping.

Topping said the process of testing and approving a product through the FDA takes time, and that time is necessary for public health. The COVID-19 vaccines are receiving an emergency approval from the agency because of the fast growing virus and variants. He asks those who are refusing the vaccine for this reason, will their opinion change if vaccines are approved soon?

“Are you going to go immediately come in and get your shots, or are you going to use another excuse?” said Topping.

He said those concerned with an FDA stamp of approval should look in their kitchen drawers, medicine cabinet, even a purse or your pets food bowl. Many of those not yet FDA approved.

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