FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — Sunday, January 9, 2022 was Law Enforcement Appreciation Day, and we at 59News want to say thank you to all those who protect and serve.

When Fayette County Chief Deputy Robert Perdue looks back on his 25 years in law enforcement, he said the moments that have stuck with him the most, are the times when he’s been able to provide peace of mind for those in need.

“You know it’s a very, very rewarding career,” said Perdue. “It’s got it’s ups and it’s downs. But helping somebody get closure, somebody that’s house has been broken into, or is a victim of a violent crime. That closure, man. It’s- It’s unexplainable.” 

Perdue added a lot has changed about being in law enforcement over the last quarter century. From policy, to technology, and beyond.

“When I started out, we didn’t have body cams. We didn’t have tasers. I mean, you were lucky enough to have a bulletproof vest,” explained Perdue. “But it’s come a long way. I mean, there’s new technology out there now. When I started, my cruiser in Valley Bridge was a Dodge Diplomat. It actually had a rope that went out the window you had to pull to get the windshield wipers to start working.”

While a lot of things about working in law enforcement has changed, Perdue said he still believes it offers an incredible opportunity to people who really want to do something meaningful for their community.

“It’s not the pay because you know up front what it pays when you apply for the test,” said the Chief Deputy. “I mean, like I said, it’s trying days now. You watch the news and it’s this and it’s that, and it’s always giving law enforcement a black eye. But trust me, it’s very, very rewarding. And if you’re wanting to help people, it’s a good profession to get in.”

59News thanks all who protect and serve in our community.