One Raleigh County man raises awareness by carrying jugs of water

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BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– “That’s what I am trying to be is a small part, of a really big movement to life burdens all around the world,” Luke Stevens said.

Luke Stevens just turned 29 and is on a mission to help raise awareness about the water issues which affect families across the globe. He said he became aware of the water issues from learning about it in school and working in the field.

“I have pledged to walk one mile everyday for 29 days in January, whiling carrying about 40 pounds of water with me for each of those miles. and I set a goal for raising $2900,” he said.

Stevens said he hopes by carrying two big jugs of water he is able to bring awareness about the water issues, not only in West Virginia but around the world.

“My hope is it’s pointing to something bigger that we are. We’re in a very divide country and divide world right now and it’s a reminder to me and I hope that it is a reminder to others that there are things that we can come together to do that we can agree on and lift burdens and help others whether we know them personally or not. And that we can come together around causes like that,” Stevens continued.

Stevens said walking with the heavy jugs isn’t easy, but it helps him appreciate the luxury he has of running water

“The mile itself isn’t bad, but you’re grip starts to gets stressed and my arms and shoulders tired. And I’ve been thankful for this opportunity to see that this is something I am choosing to do and it only goes on for 29 days. And the folks that are having to do this all over the world, this is survival for them,” Stevens stated.

Stevens hopes this well help others understand what some people have to go through just to get clean water. If you are interested in donating to the cause, you can visit his website.

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