BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) 02/02/2022 UPDATE: — Davide Hudson is found guilty of three counts of kidnapping, first degree murder, use of a firearm and conspiracy to commit kidnapping and murder. Hudson faces life in prison. 

The jury delivered their verdict after three hours of deliberations following closing arguments. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Parsons walked the jury through the basics of the state’s case during Closing Arguments.  He told the jury he is doubtful Hudson was too intoxicated to show intent or pre-meditate the murder of Amber Meadows while showing surveillance video of Hudson’s behavior at the Little General before the group arrived to the hotel room. 

Parsons also focused on the kidnapping charge. He told the jury Hudson knew how to get Meadows to the hotel.

“And what would be the best way to entice or to lure Amber Meadows to go any place,” Parsons asked. “Heroin, controlled substances.” 

Defense Attorney Robert Dunlap continued to cite inconsistencies in witness testimonies to suggest a lack of credibility in their statements during his closing arguments. He reiterated previous testimony from Detective Morgan Bragg on the possible motivations for some of the witnesses

“Mr. Bragg went on to admit the witnesses engaged in self-serving minimizations of their personal involvement,” Dunlap said.

Family members of the victim told 59News they felt relief following the jury’s decision after waiting four years for closure. 

“Justice has been served,” Marsha Stover, Amber Meadow’s cousin, said.

“Relief, relief, it’s the biggest relief I’ve had,” Connie Cook, Amber Meadow’s aunt, said.

Hudson will be sentenced February 23, 2022.

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) 02/01/2022 UPDATE: — The trial for Davide Hudson is nearing its end. He is accused of shooting and killing Amber Meadows at the Travelodge in Beckley in 2018.

The prosecution rested its case after the cross-examination of their final witness Detective Morgan Bragg with the Beckley Police Department. Defense attorney Robert Dunlap continued to try and show the jury that eye witness testimony could be unreliable.  

Bragg reiterated to the court some statements from witnesses were self-serving, but were not inconsistent in key factors in the case. 

“Your exact words were self-minimizing their personal involvement, does that sound right,” Dunlap asked.

“I believe I said self serving and minimizing but yes,” Bragg said.    

Following cross-examination, Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Parsons rested the state’s case. He told the court there is sufficient evidence from eyewitness testimony to prove Hudson killed Amber Meadows. Parsons said there is evidence to prove the defendant used at least two guns to kidnap and prevent the women from leaving the Travelodge hotel room. 

“This jury and this court view the evidence provided through the state could find that there is sufficient basis for all of these allegations to go forward and present to the jury,” Parsons said.

The defense did not call any witnesses or present further evidence before resting its case. Closing arguments are expected to begin Wednesday morning. Parsons said the state intends to pursue all three charges of kidnapping, murder, and conspiracy. 

Then, the jury will deliberate and reach a verdict. 

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) 01/31/2022 UPDATE: — Monday, January 31, 2022 marked day three of witness testimony in the Travelodge murder trial. Davide Hudson is accused of shooting and killing Amber Meadows at the hotel on Harper Road in Beckley in 2018.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Parsons, called Doctor Allen Mock to the stand. He provided the jurors a look at the condition Meadow’s body was found in and how the bullet used to shoot her was recovered in a pre-taped testimony. 

“Left to right, back to front and the bullet was recovered in the substance of the brain in the right parietal lobe,” Mock, Chief Medical Examiner for the State of West Virginia, said.

Parsons called another key witness to the stand: Arileah Lacy. She described the events of that night to the jury and confirmed key factors in this case including the exact threat made to Lacy, Meadows and Destiny Conkle after arriving to the hotel. 

“What did he say,” asked Parsons.

“He said ain’t nobody leaving or I’ll kill everybody, even my homeboys stop they would understand the situation,” Lacy said. 

During cross-examination, Lacy confirmed to Defense Attorney Robert Dunlap she did not witness the shooting first hand. Dunlap continued to stick to his opening statement, attempting to prove the jury could not completely trust eyewitness testimony, contrasting witness statements in front of the jury.

Then, Parsons called Detective Morgan Bragg with the Beckley Police Department to the stand. The jury watched surveillance video from the Walmart on Eisenhower Drive and the Little General before the group moved to the Travelodge Hotel. Bragg confirmed to the jury several consistencies in all of the testimonies he took following the murder. He noted any inconsistencies in the statements were self-serving and insignificant regarding the case.

“All the individuals I interviewed identified the defendant as the person responsible for Amber Meadows death and generally that things had changed once they reached that hotel and when they got to the hotel there was kind of a brink where things transitioned into a more aggressive situation,” Bragg said. 

Witness testimony is expected to continue on February 1, 2022. 

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) 01/28/2022 — It was an intense day in courtroom on Friday for the second day of the trial for Davide Hudson. He is charged for the murder of Amber Meadows.

Jonathan Bird took to the stand again January 28, 2022 for back and forth questioning. Bird shed light on some of the events of that night including how the women were lured to the Travelodge hotel before the murder took place.

“There was three sober guys, one drunk guy and three ladies but they were enticed by drugs that were never given to them,” Bird said.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Parsons called one of the women in the hotel room on July 9, 2018 to the stand. Destiny Conkle said she was aware the men were armed at the Little General. She confirmed the women were threatened by Hudson in the hotel room.

“We was told where to sit, what to do, what was going to happen,” Conkle said.

“By Who,” Parsons asked.

“Hudson,” Conkle said.

“Okay, and what did he tell you,” Parsons asked.

“Nobody was leaving, nobody was leaving the room,” Conkle said.

Conkle said she heard arguing between Hudson and Meadows before the gun was shot. Another co-defendant in this case Tyrique Pearl took the stand January 28, 2022. Parsons questioned Pearl through the events of that night. Pearl confirmed Hudson shot Meadows in the head with the gun, he said Hudson told him they needed to kill the others.

“He says we got to kill the rest of them, I look at him and I say ‘bro, you are tripping’ and I ran out of the room,” Pearl said.

During cross examinations for all three major witnesses, the defense questioned the consistency of the testimonies. Pearl told the court he did not think the women were prevented from leaving the hotel room.

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) 01/27/2022 — A long-awaited trial kicked off with opening statements Thursday, January 27, 2021.

Davide Hudson is accused of shooting and killing Amber Meadows at the Travelodge in Beckley in 2018. 

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Parsons told the court the initial events of July 9th, 2018 began at a Walmart where Hudson and three other men bought ammunition, then found three women including the victim, Amber Meadows, at a Little General convenience store. From there, Parsons said things took a dark turn.

“When they go to this hotel room, all of these witnesses will testify that it was like a switch got flipped, when they go into this hotel room, Davide Hudson says nobody leaves,” Parsons said.

Parsons informed the court two co-defendants are cooperating in the case. 

Hudson’s Defense Attorney Robert Dunlap attempted to place doubt in the prosecution’s story and asked the court to consider the motivations of the people testifying against Hudson.

“What motivates a person to come make a statement against interest, make a statement against themselves, against a compatriot, a friend who knows what these folks were to one another really,” Dunlap said.

The prosecution brought multiple witnesses to the stand to confirm the events of that night. Witnesses confirmed 911 was called and surveillance footage was also gathered from both the Walmart and Little General..

One of the co-defendants in this case, Jonathan Bird, testified in court January 27, 2021. 

He told the court all four men were armed when they entered the hotel room. He corroborated Parsons opening statement that Hudson pointed the gun at the women and did not allow anyone to leave the hotel room, repeatedly threatening the women with his revolver. 

Later on in his testimony, Bird told the court Hudson shot Meadows in the head and Bird quickly fled the scene with Antonio Williams and Tyrique Pearl.

“I seen the bullet hit, I seen her fall down and I ran,” Bird said.

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) 01/24/2022 — The trial for Davide Hudson is delayed to Wednesday January 25, 2021 due to COVID-19.

Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Parsons told 59News a potential juror was notified of a positive COVID-19 diagnosis during jury selection January 24, 2021. The trial was delayed once before in December due to a continuance at the request of Hudson’s attorney.

A new jury will be selected January 25, 2021 and opening statements are expected to begin January 26, 2021.

BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) 01/24/2021 — Prosecutors are gearing up for the first day of the Davide Hudson murder trial.

Hudson is accused of shooting and killing Amber Meadows at the Beckley Travelodge in 2018. He is charged with First Degree Murder and Kidnapping.

Jury selection began January 24, 2021, for the trial set to take place during the remainder of this week.

Three co-defendants, who were reportedly with Hudson at the time of the murder, previously pleaded guilty to various charges related to the shooting.

Tyrique Pearl pleaded guilty to Felony Conspiracy to Kidnapping. Jonathan Bird pleaded guilty to conspiracy to commit kidnapping and murder. Antonio Williams pleaded guilty to Kidnapping and Voluntary Manslaughter. Assistant Prosecuting Attorney Brian Parsons told 59News in December 2021 all three co-defendants are cooperating in this case.

Opening statements for both the prosecution and defense are expected to begin January 25, 2021.