BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)– A post office in New York City established Operation Santa in 1908. This year, the United States Postal Service decided the platform should go nationwide.

“This has been going on since 1908 in New York City. It was exclusive to New York then it expanded to Chicago over the years, and then in 2017 we developed a digital platform,” Tad Kelly, the spokesperson for the United States Postal Service for the Appalachian area, said. “We tested it in New York and to see if customers would go online and adopt a child’s letter asking for a gift, and then that expanded in 2018.”

Children can write a letter to Santa Claus telling him what they would like for Christmas. People can go visit the Operation Santa website and adopt a child’s letter to grant them their Christmas wish.

“Of course, at this time, there are families that aren’t going to have a special Christmas like other will, and we are receiving letters from children, we’ve been receiving them since November, and they went live for you to adopt on,” Kelley continued.

All of the kids personal information will not be seen by the adoptee. Participants will only see the kids name, age, and what they would like for christmas. If you chose to adopt a child, you will receive a special bar code at the post office.

“You can choose a letter or letters and purchase a gift that you would like to extend to that child and the instructions are right there on the website on where to go to in the post office to drop off your gift,” Kelley stated.

Kelley said it is important now more than ever to help support a child in need.

“Dear Santa, this year has been rough because of corona but I was hoping that I could get some Lego sets because my mom says she can’t get anything for me for Christmas. She is not getting paid as much so she can’t afford anything and I would appreciate it if my mom could get something too because she takes care of us and she gives me food and works very hard so I just want something for her like a gift card,” Kelly said.

If your kid would like to send a letter to Santa, you can send it to 123 Elf Road North Pole 88888.
And if you would like to grant a Christmas wish, you can visit their website.