BLUE SULPHUR SPRINGS, WV (WVNS) — People traveled from all over to Blue Sulphur Springs during the 1800’s for the water’s healing abilities. Greenbrier Historical Society Executive Director, Nora Venezky, said locals built a resort in the community in the 1830s. It stood until the the Civil War. She said all that is left standing today is the pavilion.

“Most of the resort was burned down during the Civil War, so that’s the only building left of the site, but we’re working to preserve and restore it and save the structure,” Venezky said.

It is a structure that fell into disrepair after standing for nearly 200 years. Venezky said the structure is living proof of the past life that came through Blue Sulphur Springs.

Buckeye Construction workers from Ohio are doing the renovation and makeover. Jerry Bragg, superintendent with Buckeye Construction, said they are working alongside archaeologists and learning about the structure.

“It’s something you can take pride in doing. It’s something you don’t get to do it very often,” Bragg said.

Venezky said renovations to the structure include working on a drainage system, stabilizing the foundation, and working on the roof. She said with the help of a state grant, they are hoping to have work complete in September.

“Once the whole project is completed, we’ll add some interpretive signage to the site, and really make it a nice destination where people can go to learn about the history of the Blue Sulphur Springs Resort,” Venezky said.

Bragg said this is something people can continue coming to for centuries to come.

“If we can keep it another 200 years,” Bragg said.