BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — In 2020, the Baughan Group acquired assets of the Phillips Machine Services, creating Phillips Global.

The company is now the largest full service company that does repairs, fabrication, development, and more for mining machinery.

“We take metal and can put it together and create whatever you want,” CEO Roger Baughan said. “We have a big gear company that’s part of the group. We have replacement parts that are used in the underground mining industry.”

Baughan said opening during the pandemic had its challenges, but he is happy to finally be open 18 months later.

“The pandemic did slow it down a little bit and of course we were taking all the safety precautions that were required by the local government. But I’m sure glad it’s behind us,” Baughan said.

Right now, Phillips Global employs 147 people, but it hopes to employ an additional 100 to 200 people.

“Get a hold of the corporate office and we are always taking applications for people to hire. In fact, we are hiring right now: welders, fabricators, mechanics, people like that,” Baughan said.

The phone number for the Beckley Headquarters is 1-800-733-1521 or (304) 255-0537. For more information on the company, visit Phillips Global.