Beckley, W.V. (WVNS) – Tussey Enterprises and Glen’s Towing are two of the many local companies working to keep the roads safe.  They say this storm is relatively easy for them to deal with, due to many people staying off the roads.

“This has been pretty good,” said Kevin Brooks, a tow truck driver for Glen’s Towing. “Everyone listened and stayed off the road. Unlike last time when we were out until four in the morning.”

One thing they say has helped make their jobs easier, is Martin Luther King day. On a normal Monday, more people would be out on the roads, but with people staying home because of the holiday, crews say they’ve been able to get their work done much more effectively today.

“Yeah it helped with the commercial traffic because a lot of your bigger companies were off for the holidays,” Brooks explained. “So there wasn’t much truck traffic on the road this weekend and this morning you didn’t have school or anything like that to deal with.”

Brooks says that, as of right now, the crews are doing as much as they can to clear the roads. However, you may still see some cars on the side of the road that they’ll wait to move until the conditions improve.

 “Still waiting for the conditions to clear up. If we get out there and start shutting lanes down, someone slides and we just cause another hazard on the road by impeding the traffic,” said Brooks. “So if it’s out of the way it’s going to wait until the weather clears up.”