GHENT, WV (WVNS)– The upcoming winter storm is expected to cover a wide stretch of area across portions of the northern United States including West Virginia. This opens the potential of seeing major power loss.

Phil Moye, Spokesman for Appalachian Electric Power, said it will be difficult at times to manage resources.

“There’s such a broad, geographic area that it spreads over, that all the utilities are kinda holding onto their own folks and really not able to get a ton of extra resources because everyone wants to keep their own people in their own area,” Moye told 59News.

It is not just a resources issue though, as companies across the state will face problems like traffic delays and fallen trees. For Moye, there is one particular issue that he is keeping an eye on.

“The real concerning thing really for us is wind, high wind gusts over in the Virginia area, 60 miles per hour gusts, and even without leaves on the trees, that’s enough to cause us problems,” Moye said.

No matter the outcome of the storm, Moye feels confident with his team and the equipment they have. He says they already have a plan in place in case of the worst.

“With a storm like this is get all of our folks ready to respond, packed, ready to go and wherever we see damage from that, get those folks moved into the area where the damage is and begin taking care of the outages from there,” Moye added.