CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — The Public Service Commission of WV (PSC) launched a new online portal where individuals can report trains illegally blocking a public highway rail crossing. There are 8,000 public highway rail crossings across West Virginia.

West Virginia Code (§31-2A-2) states except in the case of a continuously moving train or an emergency, it is illegal for a railroad company to block a public street, road, or highway for longer than 10 minutes.

“Blocked highway-rail grade crossings are becoming a major problem in West Virginia,” stated Public Service Commission Chairman Charlotte Lane.  “By reporting these issues, PSC Railroad Safety Inspectors will know where the problems are and will investigate the cause of the blockages.  These findings will then be reported to the Federal Railroad Administration for review.”

When reporting a blocked crossing, write down the date, time and how long the crossing was blocked. Note what city, street or route is being traveled, and the DOT number on the blocked crossing.

All public railroad crossings have a bright blue emergency notification sign somewhere near the crossing.  This sign will include the name and phone number of the railroad company with a unique identification AAR-DOT number, a six digit number followed by a letter, such as “123456 A.”

Once all information is gathered, it can be entered into the online portal on the Public Service Commission of WV website.