Recent influx of drug busts keeping Fayette County Sheriff’s Deputies busy

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FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) — A number of drug arrests over the weekend leaves local law enforcement asking where the drugs are coming from.

Chief Deputy Rod Purdue said there were multiple drug arrests over the weekend in Fayette County, from shots fired to a routine traffic stop.

“We got a bunch of young deputies here that are proactive. What I mean by proactive is they’re doing a lot of traffic interdiction. A lot of the guys really enjoy doing that type of the work of law enforcement, the interdiction type for traffic infractions that lead into bigger investigations than other than a speeding ticket,” said Purdue.

Purdue said drug related crimes and arrests pick up during the summer months.

“Normally when it’s hot outside on hot weekends, people can tend to party a little harder and yeah our call volume does go up,” said Purdue.

Another roadblock in catching criminals is the inconsistency of illegal activity.

“It’s hit or miss. I mean sometimes you have five or six in a week and sometimes we won’t have some for a couple months, the ones that are being reported. The sale of drugs, like I said it happens everyday, every minute and our guys are trying and digging. They’re working hard at trying to stop it,” said Purdue.

Purdue said while these recent arrests were small fish compared to the larger groups, a catch is a catch. Deputies will continue to push to keep drugs off the streets.

“We keep working, keep being proactive instead of reactive. There’s bigger and better things to do when it comes to the drug trade. One of the things is going after the big people, but the little people are the ones making a lot of the money, too. They’re the ones selling it everyday and the other people don’t even touch it. Our biggest thing is trying to conquer the illegal activity of drugs,” said Purdue.

He said the community is also a huge help to them. He said there is no way they can be in every square mile of the entire county, so they rely on calls and reports of suspicious activity to do their investigations.

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