LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) — The Greenbrier County Humane Society wants to remind you that when the cold weather hits, cats and other small animals such as opossums and raccoons will try to hide under car hoods for protection and warmth.

Always use caution when you start your car in the cold winter months! If cats are left outside, they may climb under your car for protection from the cold.

Nikita Honaker, the Adoption Specialist at Greenbrier Humane Society, shared her statement on why this is an important reminder and what to do during the colder months coming ahead. “As it starts to get cold, cats will seek a warm area and the most popular is definitely cars.

If you do believe a cat may be in your car, try to just make a lot of noise and give them time to escape…It could be other animals even like wild animals, possums, raccoons, anything that could find a way to fit in.

So remember before you get into your car, remember to slap the hood, make sounds, or open it for a quick look around to make sure no animals will be in harm.