RICHLANDS, VA (WVNS) — Keith Sexton worked as a coal miner for most of his life, never completing high school after eleventh grade. Now retired, he has struck what he deems liquid gold.

Sexton came across his ‘miracle water’ after asking a friend to dig him a pond on his mother’s property in Grundy, Virginia.

His friend told him that fish would not survive there due to “blue clay” in the ground. Three years later, Sexton has been using this same water as a means to fertilize his plants.

Sexton has labeled this water ‘Bearas.’ Sexton says that he discovered its magic one day after planting small cucumbers in his garden.

“I started out with four cucumber plants that were really little. Within about 25 days I had pretty big cucumbers way quicker than ever before,” said Sexton.

Sexton took his artesian well water and brought it to a lab for testing. The tests came back with a minuscule amount of bacteria. Sexton says the water is completely safe for humans but repels animals such as deer and groundhogs.

“I have a pumpkin plant right by a groundhog hole and he hasn’t touched it,” Sexton said.

Sexton said he hopes this discovery will help not only his family but others around the area.

“I was a coal miner and here I am going green! Never thought I’d see it. I’m doing this for my wife and kids and grandkids, they are my world,” said Sexton.