BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — For some people, working on Christmas is a sacrifice made because of the type of job they work.

Seth Light is the assistant chief of the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department. He said it is a sacrifice he and the rest of his fellow first responders are willing to make.

“When we sign up for this job, no matter whether law enforcement, EMS or fire, I know we all make a commitment to our communities that we want to make that sure they are safe and covered, no matter what the situation is,” said Light. “And sometimes we miss holidays, we miss birthdays, we miss whatever, and like I said, its the sacrifice we agreed to when we said we wanted to protect and serve.”

Of course, first responders aren’t the only ones who have to work. People throughout the country visit West Virginia for the holidays, which means they need places to stay.

Lisa Ayers is the general manager of Holiday Inn Express in Lewisburg. She said working on Christmas is her way of doing her employees a favor as they get to spend time at home.

“I do, I try to work on Christmas to let some of the employees at least have the day off or half the day off,” said Ayers. “Some of them may have to work, but we try to spread them out to where they don’t have to work the entire day.”