WASHINGTON (WVNS) — As talks over raising the federal minimum wage continue in Washington, one senator representing Virginia weighs in his opinion.

U.S. Senator Tim Kaine said the current rate at $7.25 per hour puts a full-time worker at or below the poverty line. He believes it is counterintuitive when preparing the next generation of America’s workforce.

“We tell our kids ‘Work is important,’ ‘Hard work is the key to life,'” Sen. Kaine said. “But if our policies are ‘Yeah, but if you work hard and you work full time, you’re consigned to poverty’… our words don’t match our deeds.”

Kaine said he acknowledges the concerns of those who are against an increase. Similar to social security, he recommended indexing the minimum wage as a slight increase, rather than a big jump to a figure at around $15 per hour.