CHARLESTON, WV (WVNS) — Severe weather has recently hit the mountain state, causing flooding and other hazardous water conditions, which has contributed to many issues with traditional irrigation within homes and businesses.

Senator Kaine discussed the Water Resources Development Act of 2022, which passed the senate recently. This bill aids with repairing drinking water, wastewater, and irrigation systems that includes key provisions that can help Virginia and West Virginia.  

He discussed how flooding can sometimes be a key factor within this issue. 

“But it’s not just traditional waste water, or sewers, sometimes you can do infrastructure improvements to make yourself resilient against flooding, and army corps funding — sometimes word of funding can help them,” said Senator Kaine, who expressed how this act is beneficial when flooding is present.

Senator Kaine also explained, although not routine, that budgeting from the bill can sometimes go to promotional or educational campaigning to help, mentioning that army corps funding with educational campaigns has helped schools from flooding as well.