BEAVER, WV (WVNS) — In the aftermath of the severe winds the region experienced, many people will be rightly concerned about the blown down trees and limbs, but those aren’t the only items people should be mindful of.

Personal belongings and items such as porch and lawn chairs and even trampolines can be moved about by high winds.

Will Davis is the public relations officer for the Beaver Volunteer Fire Department.

He said the winds even knocked the cover to his hot tub off and only some knots tying the cover to the tub kept it from blowing away.

“Take a look around your homes, make sure that everything is buttoned down, battened down or brought inside,” said Davis. “Pet crates, things that are outside. Although we don’t ever think about those things being moveable, when the wind gusts get to be like they were yesterday, its nothing for them to get snatched up and blown into a neighbor’s yard.”

Davis said people need to know that the fire department will clean downed trees on the road or on power lines but any downed trees on a person’s property will not be cleared by the fire department.