BLUEFIELD, WV (WVNS) — 2022 marked 30 years since she last saw her sister, but for Christy Kennedy, there is not a moment where she is not searching.

Kennedy hopes she can give Brenda a proper burial alongside her mother and father.

This past July, the Mercer County Commission unanimously voted to have a presumptive death certificate made for Brenda, at Christy’s request.

Despite that, Christy said she keeps Brenda alive in her own special way.

“I look for and I make sure no one forgets her,” said Kennedy. “I make sure no one forgets that she was indeed a great mom. You just don’t forget someone like Brenda. She was an experience. She was fun. She was mischievous, she liked to pull pranks and we just always had a lot of fun.”

An example of this fun side came just one month before she disappeared when Brenda called around 3 in the morning and asked Christy for some help as a dog was hurt near her house.

When Christy and another one of her sisters showed up, the only thing they saw was Brenda spraying them with a water hose from behind some bushes.

While Kennedy wants to continue bringing more attention to her sister’s case, she also hopes to teach people tragedies can occur to anyone.

“We were that family that would sit around and watch Unsolved Mysteries and we really loved it,” said Kennedy. “We just never thought that one of us would be one. It happened in a flash and here we are over 30 years later, still suffering.”

Kennedy said she plans to have a memorial plaque honoring Brenda made later this year. Once the plaque has been made, Kennedy said she will place it next to her mother and father’s headstone.

There is a deeper dive into Brenda’s disappearance on the show Cold Justice, which first aired back on March 4, 2023 on Oxygen and TNT.