GHENT, WV (WVNS) — Crews continue to work around the clock to repair downed power lines and poles and restore power in our area. Some people are well into their second day without power, making the situation dangerous due to the extremely cold temperatures.

Karen Wissing is a spokesperson for Appalachian Power. She said the elements from Friday’s storm slowed down the cleanup process.

“Although there are 2000 customers remain without power, our crews are out, working as quickly and as safely as possible to restore service,” said Wissing. “The wind yesterday did slow our restoration process down a little bit, as did some road conditions. But our crews, again, they are working as safely and quickly to restore service.”

While many people in the area do have power, Wissing asks customers to try and cut back on some of their energy usages.

“We need to conserve electricity because there is a lot of demand on the system so for those customers, again, that do have power, we’re asking to cut back just a little bit, said Wissing. “And that can be decreasing your temperature on your thermostat or not using a stove or a dryer or a dishwasher right now and also turning off appliances that you’re just simply not using. Any small step can make a really big impact when we work together.”

As of 11 Saturday morning, Wissing said around 590 customers in Southern West Virginia were without power, with the majority located in the Bluefield service area.

She also said some customers could be without power until midnight Sunday evening.