BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — As spring begins, it brings with it a common issue many people have to deal with, allergies.

The Mountain State’s combination of humidity, warm weather and greenery makes dealing with allergies difficult.

Dr. John Johnson is a pediatrician with Beckley Pediatrics.

He said there is an expected surge in the number of children who will likely be treated for allergies at the beginning of spring.

“It picks up cause they say about one-third of children will have allergies so you’re talking about a huge number,” said Johnson. “And it depends on their family history too, even 80%, if both parents have allergies, will have allergy symptoms. Even if they come in for other stuff, we’ll ask about symptoms when they’re here to better control it.”

Dr. Johnson said there are some easy ways to prevent having to deal with allergies.

“Cause, of course, the best thing for allergies is avoidance when you can,” said Johnson. “If you’re allergic to grass, don’t go outside when someone is mowing. If you’re allergic to an animal, try to stay away from that animal. I also definitely recommend if you have symptoms, treat your symptoms. Cause I’ll have people all the time that’ll come in and tell me their children are having allergy symptoms for weeks and they don’t want to give them medicines. “