HINTON, WV (WVNS) — Children lined up the in the hallway of Hinton Area Elementary School to received free Christmas gifts. Local businesses in the county and World Vision teamed up, and donated the gifts for the children. Principal Angela Gumm said local businesses across the county donated some of the toys.

“Some local businesses donated bendable little toys and we give them candy canes and different things like that. So they are so excited when they get to come up and pick what they want to take home with them or Christmas,” Gumm said.

Students received multiple goodies, like a fleece blanket, hand sanitizer, and more.

“We also want to provide a little more incentive that they are here in our building with us and so we are giving something all of our in person kids,” Gumm explained.

School Employees handed out gifts to the kids who attended classes in person. Gumm said this year was hard on the students and this event was much needed.

“This is just one of those years that we need to give them every little boost and opportunity we can to make them feel happy and safe and cared for,” Gumm stated.