HINTON, WV (WVNS) — The First Presbyterian Church in Hinton has a lot of history to showcase. Member Terri Giles said it served people for nearly a century.

“This church has sat here since 1922 and we’re so proud of our stained glass windows,” Giles said.

These stained glass windows now show off the age of the church. They were installed when the church first opened. Now, current members of the church are renovating the windows. Steven Cox, with Statesville Stained Glass Inc., said he is figuring out how to take down the windows that were put up nearly 100 years ago.

“We have to just reverse their process, find out what process they used for the installation, and just reverse that. These windows were in pretty bad shape,” Cox said.

Cox said after the windows come down, they will determine what they need to repair or replace. For Ann Wells, the ruling elder at the church, this project hits close to home. She said her family members played a part in the installation of one of the stained glass window decades ago. Wells said they are now cleaning up that window and others to let light shine through them again.

“The value and the beauty of the light shining through… Really that’s what it’s all about. It’s so symbolic of the love of God that shines through each of us,” Wells said.

These windows are expected to go back up in a few months. Clerk of Session, Linda Seldomridge, said future generations will get to look at those renovated windows with the same love for the shining light that they did.

“Hopefully these windows will last many generations, and my grandchildren will get to enjoy them just as I have,” Seldomridge said.