TAZEWELL, VA (WVNS) — Project Jonah, a large industrial scale aquaculture project that raises salmon in large quantities all across the nation, is coming to Tazewell County, Virginia.

Tazewell County Administrator Eric Young said this venture is huge for the region.

“They’re going to spend about 138 million dollars in construction. That’s going to have an impact of its own. Then, they’re going to hire close to 200 employees at very good pay for our area,” said Young.

Young said with the addition of Project Jonah, it acts as a catalyst for even more business.

“We will see clustering of similar businesses and spin to offer supporting businesses that will go in the area. That will have a multiplier effect, an increase to impact. It will be a ripple effect that we think will be very positive,” said Young.

Young said not only will Project Jonah bring in jobs, it will also bring in money that goes straight back into the region. Long term, he said this project and the success it brings will prove that success can be made in rural America.

“If we prove that and prove that Tazewell County is the place to do that, then we’ll have a future outside of the coal industry,” said Young.

Project Jonah is scheduled to be completed the end of 2023.