CLIFFTOP, WV (WVNS) – This year is the 6th annual Gold Rush here in West Virginia. This rush doesn’t feature actual gold, but rather golden trout.

Brett McMillion, Director of West Virginia Department of Natural Resources, says this years rush will be a massive undertaking.

“We’re going to stock over 50,000 pounds of golden rainbow trout and that is a native species here in West Virginia. We’re going to hit 68 waters, 47 lakes, and 21 streams” McMillion said.

The event is a family-orientated event where everyone can join. The rush will help people who want to head out to enjoy the different fishing activities in the state.

For resident Dylan Young, he’s is excited to continue the tradition.

“It’s really fun. I like going to all of these events. I’ve been going ever since they first started in 2018 and I go every year, especially at Babcock State Park when the governor restocks it. A really fun day and I caught a lot of these” Young said.

The gold rush runs from March 28th to April 8th. This gives plenty of time for fisherman to go out and catch the golden trout.

For Governor Jim Justice, this event is both a fun exercise and a way for people to enjoy the beauty of the mountain state.

“Once somebody comes and see the beauty of this incredible state, they never forget it. It touches there soul, they like it so much they want to live here, they move here, they want to bring there businesses here. You got to show off your own pond, you got to be proud of your own pond” Justice said.

Some of the trout are tagged by the Department of Natural Resources. If you happen to catch a tagged trout, you can be entered to win the following prizes:

  1. A West Virginia lifetime fishing license for five lucky winners.
  2. One-night cabin stay at one West Virginia state park or forest.
  3. A $25 gift card to West Virginia state parks.
  4. Exclusive Gold Rush merchandise (t-shirt, sticker, patches).