GHENT, WV (WVNS) — With Halloween over, we are ready to roll into the next holidays, but that means we have to dispose our pumpkins first.

But how do we get rid of our jack-o’-lanterns in a green way?

You could just toss it in the trash, however, according to wasteadvantagemag, a better option is to place it in a compost bin. All you would need to do is take out anything from your pumpkin first, such as candles, decorations, and seeds.

If you do not take out the seeds, you could end up growing a pumpkin patch of your own!

Another option is available if you do not have a compost bin. You can bury your pumpkin in the ground as well. Remember to remove the seeds first before burying your pumpkin, then dig a shallow hole, place your pumpkin inside, and cover it with dirt. This is great for enriching the soil, especially if you have a garden.

Not sure what to do with the seeds?

You can use the seeds to feed to birds. Just place them in your bird feeder if you have one. And according to the West Virginia Department of Agriculture Facebook page, if you do not have a bird feeder, you can also hollow out your old jack-o’-lantern and make it into one! Just add bird seed in it and set it on the ground or hang it up with twine or rope.