BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — While a Winter Wonderland may be enjoyable for a lot of people, for firefighters, it makes their jobs more challenging than it already is.

Freezing cold temperatures can cause multiple problems for firefighters.

Water sprayed onto a fire will mist and form a layer of ice on equipment, clothing and on the ground, thus making it difficult for firefighters to safely move around and away from fires.

Chris Lanna with the Beckley Fire Department says firefighters will often use a trick most people use in their houses to keep water hoses from freezing.

“Anytime it’s below freezing temperatures, if we do have hose lines out on the ground, we never shut them completely off, we’ll shut them down to just a trickle because they will have the potential to freeze solid if water still isn’t flowing,” said Lanna. “Just like the pipes in your house, you have to keep the water flowing.”

If you are burning something to warm your house, make sure to take proper precautions, such as keeping flammable materials like clothes away from heat sources and plugging only one heat-producing item into an outlet at a time.

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency, half of all home warming fires in the United States take place in December, January and February.