FAYETTEVILLE, WV (WVNS) – Bridge Day brings in travelers from all over the world- and with these travelers- comes outside income.

Fayetteville has recently earned the title “coolest small town,” and Bridge Day is only part of that success. Many unique local businesses occupy the streets of downtown Fayetteville. The owner of Lost Appalachia gives insight as to what kind of business Bridge Day brings in. 

Lost Appalachia resources their wares “in-house” and others from local Appalachia artists. The store employees enjoy giving back to the community around them. 

“We are here to show people we are here all year around. We have so much to offer. As a community, as a culture and as a fantastic downtown business- lots of fantastic businesses that people should check out,” said Nicholas Tankersley, owner of Lost Appalachia.

Right across the street is a local sporting goods store. Water Stone Outdoors offers anything a hiker or a rock climber can dream of.

The associate there said they see people from all around the world come through their doors for Bridge Day.

“A lot of people really love this shop, it’s like a staple of coming to the New River Gorge,” said Whitman Rabren, an associate of Water Stone Outdoors.

Small businesses like Water Stone Outdoors and Lost Appalachia are very grateful for the income and new guests that Bridge Day brings in. The outside income provides long-lasting relationships and the opportunity for small businesses to grow!