OAK HILL, WV (WVNS) — As we inch closer to the end of winter, popular activities like whitewater rafting are getting ready for business.

According to the Marketing Director for ACE Adventure Resort Haynes Mansfield, the resort is already starting to get early bookings for trips. He said many people looking for fun do not need to wait until summer to enjoy the New River.

“A lot of folks are used to rafting in the summer on the New River Gorge but they don’t realize that in the spring, you can get a ride that is almost as cool as the Gauley,” said Mansfield. “We get so much water coming through this gorge that you’ll see waves the size of the raft, you’ll go down these massive drops, bust through these huge holes and the water levels are comparable to what you’d see in the Grand Canyon when its running at a high level.”

Mansfield said the resort is currently offering 20% off rafting trips for April and May.