BECKLEY, WV (WVNS)- The Black Knight Country club was the host for not only the Beckley Rotary Club Meeting, but for a special guest speaker.

Beckley Mayor Rob Rappold spoke during the meeting about recent and upcoming changes to the City of Beckley.

The Rotary Club continued business as usual. Two new seats were elected for treasurer and secretary. A dinner and desserts were distributed to the Club and the mayor.

Mayor Rappold spoke on the changes in the taxes and the progress of the city.

“Going back 7 years ago when we were a humble city. We look at the taxes there. We looked at the ‘o’ tax, which was around 600,000 dollars per year, ” said Rappolt.

Mayor Rappold also discussed topics that could also be improved around the city. Panhandling has been a recent concern since the assault on a Golden Corral Owner back in May.

“We are all frustrated with what we call “Panhandlers”. The ACLU says that we “Better lay off” and that it is a “violation of free speech’,” Rappold explained.

Other concerns included the ongoing drug pandemic and competing law enforcement agencies. 

Mayor Rappold spoke on the successes of the Beckley Police Department.

“The drug task force works behind the scenes and has some big successes. The federal agencies are also important team members on the war on drugs,” said Rappold.

Mayor Rappold said he is reviewing law officers’ compensation and hopes to have a solution to the dwindling law enforcement numbers.