RALEIGH COUNTY, WV (WVNS)– For the first time ever, multiple local fire departments came together for a live burn event.

Held at Bradley-Prosperity Volunteer Fire Department, several other fire departments from around the region took part.

The other departments that participated were Mabscott, Beaver, Mount Hope, and Pax.
Alan McCreary, public relations officer for Bradley, spoke about why the event was held.

“We had a multi-agency, multi-county, live burn activity today to test to see how our interagency communications work, how radio frequencies, communications work across county lines,” said McCreary. “Fayette County, and Raleigh County operate on different systems so wanted to see how our responses worked, how our communications worked.”

McCreary added similar live fire activities could be held in the future to continue improving communications and responses between departments.