BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — On Sunday, July 27, 2022, at New River Park in Beckley, it was all about bringing it back.

The Enlightenment to Empowerment group along with their sponsors put on an event to bring people together but also bring them back to the days where a Sunday in the park was routine.

“We are bringing back what we are losing in America which is family and community and a sense of ties. The ties that bond us together are stronger than those that tear us apart,” Elaina Hurley, Enlightenment to Empowerment President said.

Enlightenment to Empowerment has a goal of helping enlighten, and then empowering. The Enlightenment comes with helping people find their strengths and weaknesses and their wants and needs.

“We are like a resource broker we help negate their way through the community to various food banks, clothing pantries, help with utilities, furthering their education the sky is the limit,” Hurley said. “We help people to help themselves. We get them enlightened to become empowered and once you are empowered you can do anything.”

The day was full of fellowship, outreach and fun. It did not matter the color of your skin, your religion, or your origin, the day was all about being together and embracing one another for who you are.

“We welcome everybody. We welcome the LGBTQ community, transgenders, all races, all origins, all religions, because we are all different,” Hurley said. “I believe God he just a mosaic world because he was creating and if you are a creator you create colorful and that is what God did so I am bringing everyone together.”