HINTON, WV (WVNS) – A school board candidate in Summers County suffered repeated vandalism to his campaign signs.

Stanley Duncan hopes to retain his seat on the Summers County school board. During his campaign he said he suffered around $1200 worth of losses due to his signs being repeatedly vandalized and stolen.

Duncan claims at the beginning of April, he put up over two hundred campaign signs, and now because of vandalism and thefts, less than half those signs still stand.

“I would be lucky if I could find 80 signs today,” said Duncan. “Now my large billboards, I’ve put up seven or eight of those. I’ve had two completely stolen, I’ve had two spray painted and I’ve had another one cut in half.”

Duncan said no other candidate in Summers County had their signs stolen or vandalized. He also said even though people may not agree with the choices he made on the school board, he is hurt that people from his own community would attack him like this.

“That’s disappointing, because you try to get out your word, and you try to run a positive campaign with the things you’re trying to do, so people can vote, that’s the way democracy should work.,” said Duncan. “It shouldn’t work this way, with destroyed signs.”

Megan Harvey is Duncan’s opponent in the race for Summers County Schoolboard Greenbrier District.

Harvey said she doesn’t condone vandalism of any kind, and she hopes the signs do not become a distraction from the focus of the race.

“I’m running my platform on the basis of trying to restore and establish positive relationships with our community, and the stakeholders being our students, the community and the staff,” said Harvey.