BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Leaders from multiple state community organizations are calling on people against the plan to cut the state income tax to a rally at the Capitol Circle at 11 a.m. April 2 in Charleston.

Governor Jim Justice, the state House of Representatives, and Senate each put together their own plan on how to go about cutting the state income tax.

However, community leaders said each plan has at least one thing in common:

“All of them have asked low and middle income working West Virginia families to sacrifice in one way or another,” said Kelly Allen, the Executive Director of the West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy.

While state legislators propose the plan as a tax cut with the goal of saving West Virginians money, Gary Zuckett, the Executive Director of the West Virginia Citizen Action Group said the plan shifts the problem on to the wrong people.

“They are calling it the income tax cut but we are calling it a tax shift, shifting taxes away from people that earn a lot of money and on to people who don’t make nearly enough money,” said Zuckett.

The goal of the Citizen Action Group is to get people engaged and give them a say on the policies that affect their lives.

Zuckett said legislators are not listening to the concerns of the people.

“A priority for a lot of folks we talked to is preserving public programs particularly in this pandemic,” said Allen.

Those leading the rally believe these plans will not have the positive effects legislators predict.

“When you take money away from state revenue and you don’t put it back then you have to start cutting everything in sight,” said Zuckett.

Zuckett said the main goal of the rally is to try and change and open the minds of those who represent them.

“So let’s not go the way Kansas went, let’s learn from other states mistakes and not dig a big hole that we can’t get out of,” said Zuckett.