DANIELS, WV (WVNS) – Daniels elementary school held a lesson on kindness while also giving a neat physics lesson.

Throughout the month of April, parents and students at Daniels Elementary collected full cereal boxes. The boxes were used set up a domino line to illustrate how one good act can affect others around them. 

Shawna Shockney, a para-professional at Daniels Elementary said the activity is to illustrate at school, we are all family.

“I want them to be kind to each other.  The greatest thing we have in our classroom is we’re all brothers and sisters in here.  When we’re here we love each other like we’re family and I think that’s what I want all these kids to feel that they are family,” said Shockney.

Don’t worry the cereal won’t go to waist, Grandview Christian Church will distribute the boxes in blessing bags to nearly one hundred kids at Daniels Elementary.