HINTON, WV (WVNS) – An exciting delivery on the way to Hinton, as DoorDash starts up service in July 2022

Food delivery services are not available in Summers County. But when service starts just in time for the summer. Restaurants, grocery stores and can partner with DoorDash to deliver to their customers.

Shayla Simms, a new mom, said she is excited about delivery options in Hinton.

“I’ve tried to use it but it didn’t reach my area so it’s really exciting,” said Simms.

The arrival of DoorDash in Hinton also provides a job opportunity as a delivery driver for many folks in Summers County.

Some local restaurant owners already made plans to offer delivery when the service arrives.

“Pretty interested in it,” said River City Grill and Pub owner Craig Cantrell. “My one concern is the workforce and being able to find enough drivers. But I believe the community could support such a thing so I’m going to give it a shot and see how it goes.”

Doordash rose to national prominence as strictly a food delivery service, but in 2020 they added the ability to deliver groceries too. A service Simms said she plans to use regularly, so she does not have to worry about her newborn. Her child was born premature, and she worries her daughter may get sick every time they go out to heavily crowded areas like the grocery store.

“Getting formula and diapers and stuff delivered from the store so I’m not having to get her ready and take her out in the cold around all of the people and COVID and stuff, that’s really exciting,” said Simms.