BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — Not everyone gets to go home to friends and family for Thanksgiving Day.

“When we work holidays we try to take it easy we are not out doing training or public education on those days usually we try to stay in the station when we can, have a good time with the guys and we will always cook dinner together,” said Josh England, a Beckley Firefighter.

For first responders, Thanksgiving is like any other day, and they will tell you emergencies do not take a holiday.

“During the holidays, there are a lot of people out on the roads so sometimes accidents will go up a little bit, sometimes we will have more fire alarms with people cooking in the household,” said England.

Whether they work for the fire department, police department, or EMS. Those working on the front lines know the holidays are less about the date, and more about the time spent with loved ones

“I’ve been in EMS for a long time my family has been in EMS for a long time and you just learn to celebrate holidays when you are available, it’s not necessarily a certain day, so we just switch it up and everything is fine,” said Stephanie Thompson, a communications captain at Jan-Care.

While they have to spend the day away from their families, first responders take comfort in knowing they helped to keep families safe.

“There has definitely been some holidays where you are just happy to know you have a family to go home to and you can celebrate with them when you get there,” said Thompson.

“We wanna keep everyone safe regardless of the time, but it means more around the Christmas holidays that we can preserve as much of people’s property we don’t want to see anyone lose anything, especially around the holidays,” said England.

So while you are giving thanks, be sure to give thanks, especially to the first responders out on the front lines.