FAYETTE COUNTY, WV (WVNS) — Throughout the school year, thousands of kids rely on their school for the meals they need every day. In the summer the need remains.

Summer breaks don’t mean a break from hunger. Many children then rely on summer feeding programs. Usually, families would have to go to their schools to pick them up.

“We are doing summer food service programs at our schools for our kids who are at summer school but a lot of kids who arent and so how do we reach out to the communities and access those kids and provide them with a meal and this food truck allows us to do that,” said Andrew Pense, the Director of Child Nutrition for Fayette County Schools.

During the pandemic, he found that not everyone could come out to the school, but many still needed the food the school provided. So they came up with a way to bring the free meals right to those who need it.

“Our goal was to reach out to some of the pockets and communities that don’t get reached by our summer food programs,” said Pense.

From Fayetteville to Oak Hill. From Smithers to Ansted. Families in need can walk up to the truck to get the food they need. Children get a variety of food each week, and so far the meals received great reviews.

And as prices for gas and food remain high, more and more people come out to wait in line.

“This is a time where this is particularly needed, with rising inflation, rising gas prices rising grocery costs, there can be an impact on kids and so by getting this food truck out into the community we can get something easy that kids can walk to this,” said Pense.

The truck continues to be a hit in the communities it stops in, and Pense looks to continue the inaugural tour of the food truck across the county throughout the summer break.