HANOVER, WV (WVNS)–The National Weather Service issued a flash flood warning for parts of Southern West Virginia on Tuesday, July 26, 2022. Wyoming County residents are feeling the impact of that in parts of the county. 

Over in Hanover, Misty Lee experienced some of the worst of it.

Lee lives two minutes down the road in Garden Gap and could not get to her house because the water was so high.          

“I can’t get home. My husband said that he didn’t even know if the drainpipe is still there because there’s so much water. He got stranded at my neighbors because he went to check on my son’s place because it was right below the neighbors and there’s like mudslides and the water is covering the road, you don’t even know where the road is,” said Lee.

Another major point of concern is fallen trees, one of which sat on Route 97 in Baileysville on Route 97. 

Lance Hatfield, Chief with the Brenton Volunteer Fire Department said his crew had to clean up multiple trees after the rain started falling. 

He said people need to be careful if they are driving during storms. 

“Trees and stuff they are surrounded. And don’t try and drive under one, that’s likely shaky because it can fall at any time. At least the wind will blow them down,” Hatfield said. 

For those who are out on the road, if you can not see the road or do not think you can make it, follow the advice to turn around, and not drown. 

Also, do not stand or play in flood waters because there could be hidden downed electrical lines and bacteria in the water.