BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — For many restaurants, their focus is on providing good customer service and offering delicious food. But for Fruits of Labor, their main goal is to help people overcome their darkest struggles.

Fruits of Labor opened its fourth café location on Neville St. in downtown Beckley in mid-August.

The café is part of a culinary and agricultural teaching program run by Fruits of Labor that helps people recovering from addiction better their lives.

Shortly after opening, the café was nominated and chosen to be shown on America’s Best Restaurants. Luis Rivera, host of America’s Best Restaurants, explained what the show’s goal is.

“Well that voice doesn’t exist for the local restaurant, for the mom and pop,” said Rivera. “That’s why we decided to branch out and give a voice to the local, independent restaurants.”

Having that voice be given to them is an exciting opportunity for Fruits of Labor to give their mission wide exposure.

Tammy Jordan, President of Fruits of Labor, spoke about what it means to her and Fruits of Labor to be featured on the show.

“We’re blown away,” said Jordan. “It’s, it’s still shocking, um and something that is, uh, something that I think will be very memorable for our entire team and our students to be a part of it.”

For many of those students, they’ve had a long and hard road to recovery. Sabrina Greaser, a student in the culinary program, said Fruits of Labor means everything to her.

“This is my family, um, so, um, we have new people coming in all the time and it’s just amazing to see people want what we have and want recovery and knowing that they can get back up,” Greaser stated.

This is the second business America’s Best Restaurants has visited in our area as Stardust Cafe in Lewisburg was highlighted on Monday, September 26.