PRINCETON, WV (WVNS)– On Veterans day, we honor those who fought and sacrificed for our country.

To help celebrate such an important day, a group of volunteers, in partnership with the Lifeline Church in Princeton, held their eighth annual Veteran Stand-down Event.

Over 100 volunteers including a local Boy Scout troop and the Concord University Baseball team helped pass out food, clothes, and other supplies.

Mercer County magistrate Judge Omar Aboulhosn helped organize the event. He emphasized the need to give back to both veterans and their families.

“It’s a great program, it’s a great opportunity for us to say ‘Thank you for what you’ve done,” said Aboulhosn. “And we honor, not just veterans but their families because our belief is when a veteran deploys, their family deploys with them. Even if they might not leave with them, when their loved ones are gone, it’s just like they are deployed as well. So that’s the purpose, we honor our veterans and their family members.”

Cars were lined up, waiting to get their supplies, hours before the event began. Aboulhosn estimated at least 100 cars were in line before seven in the morning.

Veterans got a home-cooked breakfast and could check out services from vendors to help them reacclimate to society.

While many veterans and their families were able to take part in the event, one veteran hopes two less fortunate and oft-forgotten groups of veterans get the attention they need in the future.

“My hope is that they are able to get more of the vets that are homeless and in the hospital,” said Gary Boardwine, a retired staff sergeant with the West Virginia National Guard. “Maybe load them up in a bus somehow if they’re able and get them down here. Cause those guys are normally forgotten about, the ones that are shut-ins and the guys on the street. That’s my hope for this event.”