GHENT, WV (WVNS) — West Virginia taxpayers wait patiently to see what is on the way for their wallets.

In the meantime, Governor Jim Justice continues his efforts to reduce the state’s income tax. Regardless of prior rejections, the Governor preached the need to give back to the people of the mountain state, especially after rampant inflation.

“People that have been and have worked with us for decades and decades, they have hurt and they have pulled the rope and now inflation is hurting them even more so we need to give back and we need to give significant tax cuts,” said Justice.

In July of 2022, the state senate rejected Governor Justice’s proposal to cut income tax by ten percent.

Now with a newfound resurgence of confidence, he wants to rocket past that price point.

“You saw the finance committee or whatever completely pass my plan in the house, it will go to a vote very soon and I think it will overwhelmingly pass, and then at that time we will be off and running,” said Justice.

The Governor believes the billion-dollar surplus the state possesses can carry West Virginia well past his plans.

He is adamant it is well past the time to give the money back to the people, and in turn, a portion of the money will go back into the state economy.

“Just imagine, if you infuse a billion dollars back into the hands of the people, they will spend it and that incentive program alone will absolutely take our economy off even more, the multiplier effects are unbelievable,” said Justice.