LEWISBURG, WV (WVNS) – As threats of flooding linger, first responders want to make sure you are aware of what to do in case of flooding in your area.

Eddie Brookman, a firefighter, and EMT with the Lewisburg Fire Department said the most important thing you can do is avoid driving through high water, and get yourself to safety in a location above the water line.

“There will be times that we’ll have people shelter in place because that will be safer than trying to get people out. As long as the water’s not rising up to where it would be dangerous for them, we can have them shelter in place,” said Brookman. “But we do operate boat teams and have the capability to get to people, so it’s really just situational.”

Brookman said it is smart to have an emergency bag packed, but if you find yourself facing flash flooding or fast-moving water, getting to safety should be your number one priority.