BECKLEY, WV (WVNS) — It is that time of year once again as many avid gym goers may see some new faces in the coming weeks.

“It’s something that I love to do, I love coming to the gym every day it helps me physically, not only physically but mentally too, it keeps me on track helps keep my head on straight,” said Bryant Jones in between sets.

The changing of the calendar brings with it new years resolutions and an influx of those who made it their mission to improve their physical health. But staying true to your resolutions is a goal on its own.

“Whenever I set goals I try not to lie to myself and you know just be consistent and honest with yourself, setting realistic goals and having that carry out throughout the year is probably the biggest thing,” said Maddex McMillen who was working out with Jones.

At the YMCA of Southern West Virginia, they want to welcome and retain as many newcomers as possible. According to Matthew Bishop, the chief operating officer at the Y, seventy-five percent of people who come in to turn a new leaf stay throughout the year, a number they want to maintain and improve upon.

“Come on out we have tons of people here to help you, not only staff members but again a lot of our regular members would come over and offer advice a lot of times you could ask you could walk up to anyone in here and ask for advice and they would help you,” said Bishop.

Bishop said they offer deals at the beginning of the year to be more accommodating to those starting out their New Years’ resolution.

“We really want them to get involved in our group exercise classes cause that is really where you build your community, your sense of friendship you know. When you get here and just you get to know people you’re not just coming in, working out, and getting out the door which I think makes people lose their focus especially if they don’t know what to do. If you have people to hold you accountable, your friends and your classes asking where you are at then you’ll come back,” said Bishop.